While a punching bag is a great way to exercise, build strength, and improve cardiovascular function, they are usually relegated to the gym because of their size and weight. Quiet Punch has brought the punching bag home (or to the office) with their new Doorway Boxing Bag.

Rather than hanging from the ceiling, the punching bag fits into any door with a frame size of 28″ to 36″. Setup is simple: attach the two support rods to the frame and then hook the square bag to the rods with the attached bungee cords. Take down is just as easy when you are done with your workout.

The Quiet Punch Doorway Boxing Bag has a phone clip for hooking up to the bag and comes with an iPhone and Android app that lets you keep track of your workouts as well as viewing instructional and workout videos as you pound away at the bag. With the Quiet Punch, you can get a quick workout or relieve some frustration in a matter of minutes.

Buy from Quiet Punch $119 – $126