After teasing us with their first hydrofoiling machine a couple of years ago, Slovenian manufacturer Quadrofoil has finally gotten their new Q2S Electric Personal Watercraft ($20K) into production and ready to supply the world. This limited edition two-seater utilizes naval technology to produce an elegant ATV for the water.

The hydrofoils were formed to slide over the surface smoothly and safely even at maximum 25 mph speeds [80 km (50 mi)-range] provided by electric outboard motors that kick out 3.7 kW or 5.5 kW depending on the model (powered by two Lithium-ion battery packs that take 3-4 hours to recharge). The cockpit is inspired by formula 1 racing style even down to the steering wheel, while the ergonomic seats are said to provide a comfortable riding experience.

To make the joy of personal water sports even more enjoyable, the lightweight hull of composite materials is safety designed with airtight spaces, making it almost unsinkable. The Q2S limited edition version is expected to start shipping in March 2017. Details in the video [via]