Have you ever wanted to glide over the water onboard a super fast machine, light enough to be easily transported? Well, your wish could come true if you owned a Quadrofoil($19,000+). This is a thrilling, yet smooth and comfortable watercraft. Fitted with a silent motor that is also Eco-friendy, the Quadrofoil can ride on lakes, rivers, seas and Eco-zones where most motor boats and PWC’s are not allowed.

This is the first to date all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft(PWC). And it packs astonishing features: speeds up to 20 knots, C-foil technology for minimum water resistance,lightweight composite hull, long lasting battery- up to 100 km on a single charge, inbuilt anti-collision system and a total weigh of only 220 lb. On top, flying this thing over water will cost you about 1,25 $/h and hardly any annual maintenance costs. Something you can’t get with any other PWC.

The 2 seater is designed to stay horizontal at all times and its hull is hollow, making it unsinkable. With the purchase of one of these babies you also get two life jackets, a paddle and a safety whistle. Hopefully you won’t need any of the latter. via

Q2A-Electric Quadrofoil

Q2S-Electric-Limited-Edition Quadrofoil