Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter 1
The Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter ($147) is an improved, more compact version of Pyro – the gadget (released last year) that could turn your wrists into flamethrowers. Not only easier to conceal than the original, Ellusionist’s new model has also some extra tricks up its sleeve.

Featuring a couple of tiny barrels, filled with ‘flash’ paper (quick-burning tissue paper used by magicians), Pyro Mini can blast small balls of real fire, so it should be used only by adults (sorry kids). It can be attached to your wrist and fired via a built-in trigger, or placed up to 30 feet away and activated with a mini remote, giving you different options to surprise your audience. With a USB rechargeable battery that gives you about 600 shots before you have to recharge, and the capacity to send one or two fireballs (at once) up to 40 feet through the air, it makes me wonder if I could use this thing for clearing snow or starting bonfires… Details in the video

Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter 2