For horological connoisseurs shopping for exclusive releases this year, there’s a stunning collection dropping this spring. The watches in the Purnell x READYMADE Escape II series are available in three versions only limited to five examples each. Moreover, the designer Yuta Hosokawa wants his creations to convey a message that war is never the answer.

The launch schedule seems timely with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. These extravagant timekeeping instruments arrive in 48 mm cases crafted out of a proprietary White Purnell Microfiber (WPM), carbon, and sapphire. These hold a monobloc sapphire crystal which houses the watchmaker’s P03 manual caliber.

The movement boasts a 32-hour power reserve and two Spherion triple-axis tourbillons in neon orange and neon green. The transparent caseband and caseback allow owners to enjoy the intricate dance of all 386 components from various angles.

Equally remarkable are the details on the rest of the Escape II. The Purnell branding is visible at the 6 o’clock section of the case, while the READYMADE emblem is on the upper-left barrel and on the crown. Meanwhile, zoom in on the upper-right barrel to see an engraving of a quote by Thomas Edison.

The text reads, “time is really the only capital that any human being has and the thing that he can least afford to waste or lose.” Its skeleton dial features a sapphire crystal disc for the chapter ring. The minute track shows hand-painted indices in shades of the rainbow.

Its power reserve indicator likewise flaunts a vibrant palette. Purnell adorns the Escape II with baguette-cut diamond for the hour markers. Finally, the watches ship with an upcycled genuine U.S. military WWII fabric strap from READYMADE.

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Images courtesy of Purnell/READYMADE