Summer is nearly over, sure, but you can still head to the beach for a last hurrah before fall ushers in, and what better ride to accompany your beach trips than this first-class Brewster Beach Cruiser from Pure Cycles?

You can get one now for just $299, certainly a small price to pay to go to beach in style. But make no mistake — this bike is just as robust and reliable for city use in any season, thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and topnotch components Pure Cycles has put in. The ride features classic roadster lines and warm accents that practically screams “California.” The untrained eye would call its aesthetic mellow; we call it inspired, subtle, and reminiscent of lazy summer days where all you want to do is head to the beach and get some sun.

Other features include a coaster (kick-back) brake, which ensures stopping the bake is easy and hands-free. There’s also what Pure Cycles calls Sure Foot Technology, which makes for stable starts and stops. You get a Pure City saddle for a “cloudlike” ride, plus eco-friendly cork grips that’ll work in any kind of weather. Pure Cycles finished it off with comfy 26×2.25-inch balloon tires, plus a beach-ready 44:18 gearing system built for boardwalks.

The Brewster Beach Cruiser is fun, sophisticated, and authentically old school. It’s probably one of the best things you can buy if you want a cool ride for all seasons. The price tag might be tad bit too high for some of you, but in exchange you get top quality components in a simple design that’s truly evocative of summer.


Photos courtesy of Pure Cycles