Beijing-based kids lifestyle brand PUPUPULA offers smart practicality when it comes to their furniture pieces. Take the Big Eyes Bed for instance, which is a reversible mid-high bend that grows with your child. 

Buying beds for children can be stressful because you have to consider several factors including design, durability, and functionality. We also want something age appropriate. But children grow up fast and next thing you know it, they no longer fit in their bed. You’d have to find a new bed and think of how to dispose of their old one.

Not the Big Eyes Bed though. You don’t have to dispose of it or give it away because of its versatile design. You simply flip it over to change it from a mid-high bed to a basic bed or vice versa. When it mid-high bed position, younger kids or toddlers can sleep in the bottom space while the top bunk serves as the main bed. 

Removing the ladder and turning the bed over changes their positions. The bottom now acts as the main or basic bed while the top serves as a space to hang a curtain for privacy. Aside from its functionality, this bed also looks beautiful and is durable. 

The Big Eyes Bed is made from birch plywood in a smooth finish with a warm, welcoming tone that is pleasing to the eyes. It also does not use any moving or modular parts which can be dangerous for children. This way, making it also easy to flip over when needed. It is also minimalist in design with smooth and rounded corners. 

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Images courtesy of PUPUPULA