Looking for something a little bit more exotic than the trite goldfish aquarium? Well, you might want to take a look at this Cubic LED Jellyfish tank, called the Pulse 160.

At 4 feet long and 2 feet high, this could be the next centerpiece in your home. It features a cast-acrylic casing and multi-color LED lighting display that you can switch according to your mood. This accentuates the translucent bodies of these diaphanous little sea creatures.

Jellyfish are notoriously fragile. You can’t just put them in conventional aquariums because they might get sucked into unguarded filtration systems. The Pulse 160 was especially made for these creatures to thrive in, thankfully, complete with a built-in two filtration system that creates a nice, even flow of water for the creatures. There are no protruding parts that could harm the jellyfish, it’s low maintenance, and it features mechanical and biological filters. Amazingly, its power consumption is just 50 watts, so you don’t have to deal with electric bill headaches.

The Pulse 160 also lets you change the temperature of the water to make sure your jellyfish pets enjoy ideal water conditions, and this is also useful if you plan to add other marine species like sea nettles or lions manes.

You can get the Pulse 160 now for $3,300, but that doesn’t include the cost of jellyfish upkeep. You’ll have to get dried planktonic foods elsewhere. And make sure to research about properly taking care of them, too. The Pulse 160 would be a lovely addition to any space, sure, but never forget to treat your jellyfish just as you would any pet.