Amid the challenging health crisis, the world lost another visionary icon. Renowned designer Virgil Abloh recently succumbed to a rare form of cancer that he was privately battling since 2019. In honor of the man, Mercedes-Benz unveils the Project Maybach.

This is a zero-emission collaboration between the German marque and the Off-White founder. Fans who closely follow his ventures into industries other than fashion know that this is his second tie-in with the carmaker. The first was the Project Geländewagen, a G-Wagen envisioned as a race car.

He was closely working with Mercedes-Benz head of design Gordon Wagener before and was also doing so for the latest one. When you really look into it, his approach is defying the norm. This is exactly what the Project Maybach aims to do once more.

Instead of completely focusing on elegance, they’re turning the EV into an off-road capable machine. Moreover, everything about this opulent overlander has been meticulously designed from scratch. No wonder we can’t seem to find a specific model that matches its silhouette. 

The elongated hood of the Project Maybach houses solar panels underneath a transparent overlay. This gives the exterior a classy two-tone colorway of tan and black. The front fascia manages to capture the signature look of the luxury marque. Meanwhile, the bull bar and roof rack feature additional lighting, which makes it look ready for a safari.

Finally, the spacious interior is mostly tan with accents in black, silver, and brown. A massive infotainment module pops out from the dashboard when you need it. Moreover, there are additional storage spaces in key locations around the cabin. The Project Maybach deserves to be preserved as Abloh’s final mechanical masterpiece.

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz