Pro-Ject Audio Systems delivers consecutive hits this 2022 with the release of the understated Automat A1 followed by the head-banging aesthetics of its Metallica Limited Edition Turntable. Earlier this month, we caught a glimpse of its collaboration with Seth Rogen’s Houseplant for a cannabis-themed record player. Then, the arrival of its Debut PRO S is a welcome vinyl playback deluge.

The Austrian manufacturer of audiophile-grade equipment is spoiling music enthusiasts with a constant barrage of variety. It may seem counterintuitive to approach things this way, but they know which demographic each model will appeal to. For sure the rock and roll-themed silhouette it offers is a surefire hit after the latest season of Stranger Things.

Its Debut PRO S dials back on the zany embellishments and presents a pure yet bold profile. The fact that almost everything except the polished spindle is in matte black automatically places this high on our must-have list. You may argue the ports as another exception, but that’s just nitpicking.

Moreover, if the minimalist motif is not enough, Pro-Ject notes, “no unnecessary switches, LEDs, or labeling distract from what is essential.” We agree automation may take away the traditional hands-on experience one gets from a turntable. Hence, the Debut PRO S encourages us to interact with its manual nuances to make each listening session even more enjoyable.

To ensure top-class performance, Pro-Ject uses an anti-magnetic heavy aluminum platter. It then outfits this with a thermoplastic elastomer ring to minimize flutter and wow. Meanwhile, the motor touts a speed regulation system to prevent irregularities during playback. The Debut PRO S can be yours for $800.

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Images courtesy of Pro-Ject