Whether in a power outage or on an extended camping trip, having a portable alternative power supply is essential to maintaining communication and other necessary services. The Poweradd ChargerCenter is a great solution when the lights fail.

It has a very high capacity 50000mAh (3.7V 50000mAh/10.8V 16750mAh) Samsung/LG 18650 battery pack capable of 16 charges of your iPhone, 4 X iPad Pro, or 10 charges of a Galaxy S8. With multiple power outlet ports, the battery can distribute its charge to a wide range of devices and even appliances up to 100W via the 110V AC outlet or devices using a 12V automobile socket. There are three fast-charging USB ports and another with Quick Charge output.

A Texas Instruments Battery Management System prevents damage to your devices while the DC/AC Voltage Step-down function lets you use it even in countries using 220V current. While not exactly an EDC piece, the ChargerCenter is still light enough at just under 3 pounds and can be carried around by the attached handle.

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