Adding a vase of flowers to your interior setup can brighten up any space or bring about positive energy. But it can be a hassle to keep its water clean to keep the blooms from wilting.  POTR Pots helps in this case with the POTR Letterbox Vase. 

This special vase keeps the flowers fresh for a decent amount of time. It uses a centuries-old hack used in the early 1600s to keep the blooms alive: copper. This metal is naturally antimicrobial. It is universally toxic to bacteria and other microorganisms. Thus, it kills the bacteria that could accumulate in the vase and ultimately cleans the water in the process, allowing your flowers or plants to grow and live longer.

Designer Andrew Flynn, co-founder of POTR Pots, learned the copper trick from his grandmother. He noticed that she would put a spare 2 pence coin into the vase and when he asked why, she explained that the copper in the coin keeps the flowers alive for longer. Thus, the inspiration for the POTR Letterbox Vase.

But instead of a coin, he used the POTR Copper Stem that fits perfectly inside the POTR Letterbox Vase. It sits amongst the flower stems and acts as an antimicrobial rod that actively kills bacterial build-up in the water. Meanwhile, the vase itself is inspired by origami, which is shipped flat-packed and springs back into shape out of the packing. 

The POTR Letterbox Vase is made from recycled polypropylene and high-grade silicone. These materials along with the faceted design allow the vase to fold symmetrically in a compressed size as little as 5mm thick. Once assembled, the tapered form measuring 24cm tall is stable and capable of holding up to one liter of water and a full bouquet of flowers.

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Images courtesy of POTR Pots