As EV manufacturers gradually improve the technology behind their vehicles, they also unlock cool features. In fact, most are already at a level wherein the widespread availability of mobile internet connectivity allows carmakers to remotely push updates and fixes to their vehicles. To illustrate, Porsche issues a new software version for the Taycan.

This is another cool aspect of modern zero-emission platforms wherein performance upgrades are not purely from mechanical means. For example, if you want your stock car to become more fuel efficient, it usually involves regular maintenance and some aftermarket tuning in some instances.

However, electric vehicles are not exactly serviceable by regular shops. Interestingly, instead of seeding the update over the air, Porsche needs to do this manually for now. As such, Taycan owners need to bring their units to the closest dealership available. The process takes roughly a day, so keep your schedule free.

Porsche confirms that this software tune-up is for free. It is applicable to Taycan model years 2020 to 2022. Even if you consider the time it takes to complete a hassle, the benefits it brings to your ride will make you think otherwise. First, we have a boost in range by up to 31 miles.

Next, we have faster charging speeds courtesy of the improved thermal management. This allows the Taycan’s batteries to maintain their peak charging rate. The response time of the infotainment system is also faster after the update. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are likewise tweaked on the Taycan.

Porsche details that this software upgrade should pave the way for future OTA updates. This means Taycan owners will receive a notification when a new version is available. As EVs eventually become mainstream, more innovative functionalities should follow.

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Images courtesy of Porsche