With the help of cutting-edge software, a powerful computer, and a capable designer, aftermarket customization becomes even more exciting. This allows concept creators like James Qiu to submit proposals like the RWB964. So far, the digital renders he is sharing is depicting a blend of classic with a hint of high-tech fantasy.

Although it’s sporting the iconic silhouette of a Porsche Turbo 964, it’s also packing futuristic elements. The Shanghai-based 3D artist also envisions it as a tie-in with RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB). The renowned Japanese tuning outfit founded by Akira Nakai loves to work with Porsches, after all.

In the case of the RWB964, you can spot the shop’s badge on the livery just below the doors. It might not be official, but it should be enough to inspire them to make it a reality. Perhaps when the technology on display becomes available it will be possible.

Qiu shows us just how far you can take digital artistry with the right tools. For his latest work, Unreal Engine could be his platform of choice. The recent release of “The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience” shows us just how far it can push for realistic visuals.

We’re not sure if this is what was used for the RWB964, but the images sure seem like it. The Porsche 911 touts a two-tone exterior predominantly in white with black graphics. The hood and massive rear wing is carbon fiber.

Hints of electric lime are visible on the rear wheels and Good Year Eagle branding on the tires. Meanwhile, the front pair of rims are in black. Rolls bars in metallic orange peek out from within the cockpit. Look closer to see stylish purple accents on the brakes and other components of the RWB964.

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Images courtesy of James Qiu