More than a month ago, Porsche Design celebrated its 50th anniversary with a pair of aviators. The 50Y collection included some of the coolest eyewear we’ve seen from the brand in a while. Now, the studio is using cutting-edge manufacturing technology to give us the P’8950 50Y Iconic 3D. This designer looks sleek and uses a single lens.

Porsche Design points out that its latest model is fabricated out of titanium powder. The material then undergoes a special 3D-printing process to create its silhouette. This gives the P’8950 50Y Iconic 3D a futuristic style with notches in strategic sections that hold the lens in place.

This makes the P’8950 50Y Iconic 3D’s lens look like it’s floating given the visible gap between its edges and the frame. Viewing it from the front, the frame’s design makes it look almost razor-thin. However, as you turn it to the sides, the planar outline gradually shows you otherwise.

They note that this shape is only possible with the use of powerful lasers to melt the titanium dust. The metal’s outstanding strength-to-weight ratio coupled with the RXP composite temples means the sunglasses remain comfortable even after long-term use. You can spot the Porsche Design branding as metallic inlays here.

Just like the other shades in Porsche Design’s growing lineup, the P’8950 50Y Iconic 3D is equipped with VISION DRIVE lens technology. This provides UV400 protection to shield your eyes even when the sun is at its harshest. A special dual-layer coating protects your lens from accidental impacts and scratches. This likewise minimizes glare. Only 911 pairs will be available worldwide.

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P'8950 50Y Iconic 3D Front P'8950 50Y Iconic 3D Side P'8950 50Y Iconic 3D Box

Images courtesy of Porshe Design