Do you guys still recall when autonomous driving cars were all the rage in the automotive industry? Almost every marque developed in-house systems and eventually tested in public settings. Sadly, there were several unfortunate incidents that have set the technology back due to safety concerns. The new Polestar 4, on the other hand, promises to ship with the most advanced driverless system to date.

Although companies like Tesla and its close competitors have dabbled with tech-assisted driving, there are limitations to their current interactions. Meanwhile, the Swedish group appears confident in their all-electric “SUV-coupe” (crossover), which is reportedly positioned to compete against the Porsche Macan and its eventual EV version. 

According to a recent press release from the manufacturer, the Polestar 4 should be capable of “eyes-off, point-to-point autonomous driving on highways, as well as eyes-on automated driving for other environments.” When it initially debuted in August 2023, we learned that the vehicle was equipped with the SuperVision full-surround camera and Mobileeye Chauffeur platforms. 

The latest development confirms the inclusion of Luminar’s cutting-edge LiDAR technology to bolster its self-driving safety. The Polestar 4 is outfitted with an array of sensors supplied by all aforementioned parties which then leverage artificial intelligence to scan and process real-time data to navigate around traffic and stop if the situation requires it.

If the all-electric crossover manages to deliver on its promise, a future wherein driverless cars are the norm will be a lot closer than what automotive pundits proposed. Buyers can choose between a single-motor or dual-motor variant for the Polestar 4. The former can output around 268 bhp, while the latter reaches a staggering 537 bhp. A premium trim with upgraded brakes, wheels, and tires is also in development.

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Images courtesy of Polestar