A camping adventure would not be complete without a bonfire where the cooking, singing, and sharing of stories usually happen. Best of all, it’s where you can warm up if you dare to venture outdoors in cold weather conditions. Now when it comes to outdoor adventures, then you’d need a sharp blade with you just like the Poler Bonfire Knife.

This is a no-frills but all-thrills folder with a durable blade and handle. It’s robust and minimalist in design yet downright functional when it comes to those cutting tasks. It can shave off kindling for your bonfires, cut through food or meat, crack open shells, or simply open boxes or packages for small tasks.

The Poler Bonfire Knife features a durable and sharp steel blade with great edge retention. Meanwhile, a fiberglass and steel handle makes for a secure grip so you can work with ease and comfort.  This folding knife also employs a locking blade to secure it in place when not in use so you don’t accidentally nip your skin when storing it in your pocket. 

Moreover, for portability, this ruggedly handsome folder comes with a leather holster with a built-in clip. You can attach it to your belt, or a backpack, or tether it to a carabiner. 

The Poler Bonfire Knife sits comfortably in the hand at its compact size. Its handle is just the right size to clasp it with at 3.5 inches while the blade is ideal for wood shaving at 2.5 inches. That gives you a 6-inch size knife to work with.   

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Images courtesy of Poler