Wool is a good insulator in chilly temperatures because of its inherent warmth. But wool is heavy and so the next best alternative for insulation is fleece as it’s lightweight and dries faster. If you’re looking for apparel made from fleece then go with those made with Polartec Fleece.

Polartec has been in the business of making fleece apparel since 1981. The company was the first to knit, nap, and shear synthetic yarns into thermal fabric great for outdoor apparel.  As such, Polartec Fleece has become the industry standard when it comes to outdoor wear performance because they’re engineered for more versatile durability.

Polartec Fleece is made from premium post-consumer recycled polyester (50%) sourced from recycled water bottles. They are then transformed into a soft, furry pile using a series of Polartec-invented techniques. The raised pile is what traps body warmth in its air spaces.

The process renders a highly breathable and hydrophobic fleece that also repels water, is lightweight and dries faster compared to wool while providing optimum warmth in cold weather. It is also pill-resistant and durable. Polartec Fleece comes in three weight variants including 100, 200, 300, and Micro, which uses the finest yarns to render the softest, most plush hand.

For a more eco-friendly approach, Polartec has also teamed up with Repreve to create fleece from 100% upcycled polyester fabrics. So whatever the adventure brings, you can count on Polartec Fleece to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. This resilient fabric keeps you cozy in various situations whether you’re hiking, camping, trekking, running, hunting, or out in the field working.

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Images courtesy of Polartec