Photography is not a cheap hobby or profession especially when you want to get beautiful shots, then you need to invest in premium lenses and durable camera gear. You need to ensure the camera sensor is protected at all times and the PolarPro Defender Body Cap does just that. 

This robust accessory is designed to safeguard your camera. It is crafted from 6061 aluminum for corrosion resistance and to offer superior camera body protection while being exceptionally aesthetically rugged. It surpasses your standard plastic cap as it is sleeker, tougher, and provides full camera sensor protection.

More than a shield for your camera’s delicate sensor, the PolarPro Defender Body Cap also boasts a cleverly built-in feature. The front tab has an inconspicuous storage slot that serves multiple purposes. The concealed compartment can securely hold an AirTag so you can track your camera in case you lose or misplace it and give you peace of mind.

The hideaway tray can also store an SD memory card to ensure you never ran out of storage for your photos or videos or store an CFexpress A card for safekeeping. These three storage inserts elevate the functionality of the body cap.

The PolarPro Defender Body Cap comes in three adventure-inspired colorways guaranteed to make your rig look good. These include Desert, Black, and Forest.  The cap is also custom engineered to perfectly fit Sony, Nikon, and Canon cameras for an EF, RF, Z, or E body mount. It is rock solid durable and strong and twist locks securely in place for the ultimate protection.  

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Images courtesy of PolarPro