Film cameras may have given way to digital models, but instant cameras remain a popular niche even current-generation consumers enjoy. To this day, the Polaroid brand is revered by photography enthusiasts. In fact, classic models in great condition still command a high price in auctions and resale markets. Ursuss Alvarez acknowledges this with a concept he calls the Next-Step SX-100.

Despite the whimsical capabilities of modern Polaroid models, many find them bulky. You can always hook up a digital camera or smartphone to a portable photo printer for the best results. However, this setup does not offer the all-in-one charm instant cameras bring to the table.

Thankfully, the product designer incorporates all of a Polaroid camera’s quirky characteristics into a slim profile. When not in use, the Next-Step SX-100 resembles a compact film reel canister. Others could mistake it for a portable projector given the exposed lens of the viewfinder.

However, there are elements that reveal the Next-Step SX-100’s true purpose. First is the embossed Polaroid branding on the front, followed by the buttons, switches, focus dial, and more on top. Ursuss Designs opts for a metal construction and is available in several colors.

With a push of a button, the mirror lid pops up. An indicator beside it also shows how many shots are left in the replaceable cartridge, which you can access via an underside slot. A firm tug at the Next-Step SX-100’s front lifts the lens cover and positions the LED flash bar forward.

Another set of controls on top allows users to focus on the subject, adjust exposure, and activate the flash. A dedicated shutter button lets you take the photo. The Next-Step SX-100 is too cool to just stay as a concept. Polaroid seriously needs to look into this.

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Images courtesy of Ursuss Designs