Polaroid has jumped on the emerging trend of 3D printing with its latest invention: one that’s sure to have mouths salivating. The Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Candy Pen is a tasty treat not just for children but for everyone with a sweet tooth.

This is no ordinary writing tool as it draws actual candy. It turns your drawings into edible bites so get your art skills ready and scribble away. Out of the box, it comes with six colors and flavors, and best of all, they are sugar-free and vegan-friendly. It even comes with free four strawberry cartridges.

Imagine using a glue gun. Only the Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Candy Pen (that’s a delicious mouthful) does not use any synthetic materials. It does not use any filament and no plastic. It works by heating the candy cartridge inside its loading point. A red light indicates the pen is heating up and blue light tells you the pen is ready to use.

There are two options for the extraction process: manual or automatic. A single click on the red button near the nozzle starts the automatic process and another click to make it stop. Meanwhile, a long press and release allow for manual operation. And just like mechanical pens, this one also has a power or retraction button to turn the pen on and off.

The Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Candy Pen works using a rechargeable battery that connects with a USB-C cable. This means it works with the most advanced mobile charging cables to date. This is indeed a nifty device that makes a perfect gift idea especially for the confectioner and those who love confectionery.

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Images courtesy of Polaroid