Evergreen’s Seahorse 57 Micro EDC Case is bigger than its predecessor, the 56 case, with an increased depth. It provides the ultimate protection for your outdoor gear as it’s built to withstand extreme outdoor adventures. 

This case is perfect for storing your tech gadgets, from cameras, mobile phones, flashlights, hand radios, and even other on-the-go or outdoor essentials. These include first-aid kits, cigars, hand radios, and more It offers great protection from scratches, bumps, and water or moisture with its IP67 waterproof construction. It is also impact resistant, dustproof, and submersible in water at a depth of one meter for thirty minutes.

Evergreen’s Seahorse 57 Micro EDC Case is built for adventures with its shock-resistant design. It features a rubber boot interior for added protection and shock absorption for your gear. Meanwhile, the pure Polycarbonate hard case can take beating after beating without breaking. It stays intact even if you accidentally drive over it or it drops down the hill.

To secure your gear no matter the adventure and be safe from thieving eyes, this handy case uses a 3-step twist action lock for extra security and protection. Step one involves the firm, secure latch that seals the o-ring for waterproof protection, Step two uses a twist lock to prevent the lock from accidentally opening, and Step 3 uses a key lock to keep others out. 

Moreover, each twist lock latch in Evergreen’s Seahorse 57 Micro EDC Case doubles as an air release valve to provide stable pressure in each case. This gear is also portable and compact at 2.31 pounds with interior and exterior measurements of 8.2” x 4.2” x 3.3” and 9.5″ x 5.8″ x 3.8″, respectively. It is available in seven colors. 

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Images courtesy of Evergreen