The Poglia Signature Oyster Shucker keeps the elegance in eating these bivalve mollusks. It specifically helps in opening the shells, a task that may seem easy but can be quite difficult sans the proper tool. 

This small but powerful knife can crack those shells open with ease thanks to a sharp blade and strong handle. The handle is made from elegantly finished horn and wood that “breathe” and react to changes in weather and temperature. This means it ages gracefully over prolonged use.

Meanwhile, the hand-drawn blade is cut and forged from repurposed carbon steel, mostly from reclaimed plow disks. Carbon steel makes the blade hard and easy to re-sharpen. It is not stainless which means it ages and develops its own patina over time. Thus, making each piece unique to each user. Solid brass hardware connects the two pieces together while also elevating the look and feel of the knife.

The Poglia Signature Oyster Shucker is just the right size to fit comfortably in the hands. The length of the blade can easily puncture open those shells at four inches long while the handle gives enough wiggle room at three inches long. Aesthetics-wise, this handy tool boasts a ruggedly elegant look and is part of the brand’s Signature collection. This means it has the classic bicolor striped handle but also comes in a single-colored handle. But no two knives are the same as each is handcrafted by eight individuals in southern Brazil. Every knife then has its own unique appearance but does the job as intended all the same.

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Images courtesy of Poglia