We often hear that living smaller will not only save you money in the long run, it could also make you happier. It actually makes sense; getting rid of unnecessary stuff will allow you to concentrate on experiencing life to the fullest. In case you’re willing to try this theory, the Pod Idladla Nano-Home ($14.700+) should provide some inspiration.

Designed and built in South Africa, these tiny dwellings made of steel, aluminium and wood, can accommodate multiple pods with diverse configurations, according to your needs. The basic pod measures 221 sq ft (deck included) and provides room for two, while the largest option (732 sq ft) can sleep up to twelve people in a 6 bedroom layout. Each home is prefabricated off-site, to client specifications, and has spaces with dual use (the guest room can double as an office or laundry room).

The smallest pod is an “ideal starter-home for a first-time home owner or a simple holiday getaway” and it features a mezzanine bedroom, a downstairs task room, small kitchen, a corridor that houses the shower area, and a covered outdoor deck to encourage indoor-outdoor living. Probably the best feature of Pod Idladla is its portability; the tiny home can be packed up and shipped, so you can install it anywhere you please. Well, anywhere in South Africa, for now.

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Pod Idladla Nano-Home