Yu Ito, Yoshimi Kemmotsu, and Bin Sugawara of SOL Style designed the Lei Aroma Diffuser to work without an electricity or battery. Instead, it generates power using heat coming from a candle.

This device comes in three parts: a glass-encased candle holder, a fan, and a tray for the scented oil located at the back of the fan. It relies on thermoelectric energy that comes from heat generated by the candle carefully shielded by a cylindrical glass dome. The glass efficiently raises the heat of the flame and this heat ultimately powers a small, single-blade fan.

As the fan moves it pushes air forward and diffuses the scent farther than a simple candle diffuser would. This mechanism is reminiscent of a gentle breeze slowly blowing the fragrant smell of roses or the like into the air. SOL Style also designed Lei to engage the user emotionally.

The dancing flames, along with the slow movement of the blade, can be mesmerizing to watch. Plus, this aroma diffuser is built not just as a functional piece but also as structural art. It can easily be displayed as a piece of artwork and with its minimalist and elegant design, can blend in well in just about any setting.

Likewise, being a cordless product makes it portable and convenient to use anywhere. It’s also worth mentioning that SOL Style built the Lei aroma diffuser with sustainability in mind. Aside from glass, it is made from recyclable materials including metal, aluminum, and paper. It’s sturdy steel platform prevents it from tipping while the glass dome protects users from flame. The gentle heat also preserves the aroma quality as it doesn’t overheat the oil. 

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Images courtesy of SOL Style