Modern speakers now come in various forms and sizes. If you prefer a model that seamlessly blends with your home’s decor, then we have a couple of brands in mind. However, some prefer their audio hardware to have a clear distinction when placed in a room. Meanwhile, a group of designers came up with a cool coffee table concept called the Verre.

As noted by reports, this high-tech piece of furniture was created for LG Electronics as part of an academic cooperation venture. Credited for this work are Seonjin Baek, Jisu Lee, Jiung Yun, and Eunbyeol Yun. These four are associated with Korea Design Membership Plus (KDM+) and demonstrate how something simple can integrate cutting-edge technology.

The South Korean consumer electronics group remains a major player in a market where titans of tech like Sony, Samsung, and others compete for a space in your home. What we find appealing about the Verre is the way the team incorporated the speakers into the supporting structure. In other words, the drivers are all hidden within the cylindrical legs of the table.

Its overall aesthetic makes it a fitting addition to a living room or man cave. The top is likely fabricated out of tempered glass, while the housing of its electronics could be crafted out of metal or heavy-duty plastic. The top of each tube is covered by a fabric you typically see on smart speakers while the perforations function as the grilles.

We’re also guessing the placement of the drivers provides omnidirectional audio from every corner of the Verre. Touch controls make it intuitive to use. It’s easy to miss but there appears to be a cutout at the base of one leg. It might be for the power cord or a detachable charging cable to keep its true feature inconspicuous.

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Images courtesy of KDM+/Seonjin Baek/Jisu Lee/Jiung Yun/Eunbyeol Yun