These days people turn to vacuum cleaners when cleaning their homes of dirt or dust and the humble dustpan and broom have become an afterthought. But Dotti’s Odyssey Best Broom & Dustpan brings the delight back in sweeping as it works on multiple surfaces and even on carpets, which can sometimes be a struggle to clean with a regular broom.

The broom boasts carefully engineered silicone bristles that easily collect large debris, pet hair, and dust from carpets, across floors, and even furniture. Using silicone sets itself apart from its kind as it can effectively collect dust and debris without sticking to the bristles themselves. It also makes the broom feasible to use on liquid spills on the floor and the bristles don’t fray, maintain its shape, color, and cleanliness over time.

Then there’s the adjustable broom handle so you can sweep in comfort. The broom head in Dotti’s Odyssey Best Broom & Dustpan is also removable for easy cleaning. Meanwhile, the thoughtfully-designed dustpan is elevated and features ambidextrous foot plates that prevent the awkward bend and sweep dance.

It also has a comfortable handle and deep cavity to prevent dirt from spilling or falling out on the way to the trash. Both the broom head and the dustpan can easily be washed with soap and water. 

Dotti’s Odyssey Best Broom & Dustpan is ideal for use both indoor and outdoor like on the deck and patio. It works on several surfaces including wood, laminate, polished concrete, tile, and more and is excellent for deep cleaning and pet hair removal. Not to mention, it looks modernly sleek and stylish. 

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Images courtesy of Dotti