Most table lamps in the market come in a sleek and vertical form to save space. But if real estate is not a problem then we go for those that serve more than just function but also stand in as design pieces. Take the Levitos Ring Lamp, for instance, from Paris-based design team Inovaxion.

The team creates different products with unique functions presented with magnetic levitating system. In this aptly-named lamp, it comes in a circular form and employs a levitating ball as the control switch to power it on/off or access the different light settings.

The Levitos Ring Lamp came about after Inovaxion created the Flyswitch system in 2020, which can make any button float in the air. The team finally combined this system with design and technology and presented the Circlo Lamp, then renamed Levitos Ring Lamp, as its first Flyswitch system-powered innovation in 2021.

This lamp, which Inovaxion designed on behalf of Firebox Ltd., serves not just a functional piece in your bedroom, office, or living room. But also as a unique desktop decoration. The metal ball in the middle floats in the air via strong magnets embedded in the base of the lamp. Double-tapping on the ball turns the lamp off while pushing it down lightly powers it on.

The Levitos Ring Lamp comes in two color modes which again are accessible via the gravity-defying metal ball. Choose the color mode to match your mood. You have a choice between a soft white glow or a fun, multicolored cycle. It also comes with another ball style that mimics the atmospheric moon design. 

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Images courtesy of Firebox