Home security these days is no longer as simple as it was before. Locking your doors and windows may not be enough of a deterrent for criminals with the right tools. Given the ubiquity of high-speed internet services, wireless cameras are considered a must-have for modern residences. Taking it even further, there’s the PaintCam Eve Pro.

Slovenia-based tech firm OZ-IT is certainly not messing around with this fascinating project. Before we get into detail here’s the product’s crowdfunding status. As of this writing, the PaintCam is already sitting at $88,834 on Kickstarter with 68 backers and 32 days to go. Therefore, it’s extremely likely to hit mass production and ship out to backers and interested buyers soon.

There are three versions of the PaintCam available: Eve. Eve+, Eve Pro. As usual, let’s go with the flagship option to access all the bells and whistles it has to offer. Although it primarily functions as a security camera, this bad boy is outfitted with a paintball system and advanced AI for reactive protection.

Once installed, owners can configure two security zones: Warning and Action. When active, the Eve Pro uses its high-resolution camera, cutting-edge sensors, and threat-recognition algorithms to determine if somebody has entered its coverage area.

When they are in the outermost perimeter, you’ll receive a notification. However, once the intruders exceed the threshold, alarms will go off while the Eve Pro will automatically target and shoot paintballs to mark trespassers. Instead of a mechanical firing system, the PaintCam series requires CO2 cartridges to propel its ammunition.

Facial recognition software means loved ones and other personnel are allowed entry without any issues. Eve Pro owners can manually disable the arsenal function should they wish to. The PaintCam series is non-lethal and should be legal unless state regulations specify otherwise.

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Images courtesy of OZ-IT