Say goodbye to knotting keys to your shoelaces or stuffing folded bills down in your socks, when you go for a run, workout or swim. The clever and simple Pocketbands 3.0 offer the ideal place for stashing keys, cash, and other small items during all sorts of outdoor activities.

This new and improved version of the Pocketband is made from a flexible, 100% high-performance silicone treated with an anti-dust coating. The durable, waterproof, and comfortable bracelet sports an adjustable band (7 sizing options), a chrome-finish metal clasp for a sleek look, and a recessed channel on the inside allowing for air flow against the wrist.

Featuring a stretchy interior pocket (2 ¼ inches long x 1 inch wide), the strap can securely hold 2 keys or 2 folded bills and even a Fitbit One or other small items. Available in 7 different colors.

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