For the sake of just looking cool or macho, most guys prefer to ditch the helmet. It could also be an issue with comfort, but you must understand that this increases your risk for head injuries. Even the most seasoned professionals wear helmets and so should you! Hence, those heading up the slopes next winter should check out the Levator Mips.

This headgear comes from renowned Swedish brand POC and will pack the latest safety technologies in the market. Equally important, just like cycling, riding a motorcycle, skateboarding, and any similar activities, wearing a helmet can save you from life-threatening injuries.

The Levator Mips is part of the company’s upcoming collection designed for sports and activities in the snow. Interestingly, this blends the best technologies in optics and head protection. The manufacturer points out that it will provide class-leading comfort and safety. However, the most notable feature is the interchangeable Clarity lens.

You won’t find this on any other helmet out there as this is an exclusive collaboration with Carl Zeiss. It’s a convenient all-in-one solution for people who love to snowboard, ski, and other snow-related fun. Instead of wearing a helmet and ski goggles separately, the Levator Mips already packs the functionality of both.

The exterior features EVA panels that warp around the side to create the familiar silhouette of the eyewear. Inside, the Alcantara padding improves overall comfort along with the adjustable ventilation. Other components include Mips Evolve, EPP, EPS, an ABS shell, a RECCO Reflector, a 360-degree Fit System, a Fidlock buckle, and two-step detachable ear pads.

“Developing the Levator Mips required a different approach and concept as there were visor helmets in the market, and we could see the many positives and negatives,” says Chief Product Officer Oscar Huss.

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Images courtesy of POC