Among the activities that saw a remarkable surge amid the pandemic is cycling. People wanted to travel and also find new means of working out. Thus, you, a bicycle, some buddies, and the open road or trails equal to exciting times. To cater to the booming market for cycling-related gear, POC introduces the Kortal Race MIPS helmet. Trust us, you better not skimp out on quality and performance when it comes to protection.

Accidents happen on the road and trail. Even if you have all the experience and skills to be good on a bicycle, wipeouts, crashes, and other unwanted situations can still happen. As such, A good cyclist always checks their ride, equipment, emergency kit, and protective gear.

Founded in 2004, Swedish brand POC Sports understands what snowboarders, skiers, and cyclists want and need. Their Kortal Race MIPS packs all the features one needs to enjoy their rides. Striving to always be on top of innovation, its new helmet is NFC-ready.

Dubbed the twICEme NFC Medical ID, it lets users store their important medical information as well as emergency contacts. This will allow first responders to quickly access the crucial details in the event of a serious accident.

The product page reads: “Complete protection for trail and enduro, the Kortal helmet provides lightweight, extended protection and a seamless fit with goggles.” POC also highlights that the Kortal Race MIPS is certified for use with e-bikes.

If you were wondering, MIPS is short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. Just like how our body protects our brain, it reduces rotational forces during impact. The Koral Race MIPS also has strategic vents that keep you cool but does not compromise the helmet’s durability.

Buy – $250

Images courtesy of POC Sports