Nissan is no stranger to sustainable motoring as it was one of the first companies to mass-produce an EV. The LEAF made its 2009 and subsequently hit the market in late 2010. Currently, the ARIYA is the latest eco-friendly added to their lineup, but its design team recently unveiled a new model called the Concept 20-23.

As the name says, this sleek electric hatchback is in no way slated for mass production. Instead, we have renders of what their future green machine could look like. Reports reveal that the Concept 20-23 was envisioned by its London design studio to mark their 20th anniversary.

Adorned with an aggressive aero kit, low ride height, and possibly a potent emission-free powertrain, this bad boy will feel awesome to drive on the streets and tracks. Furthermore, kit this out with the necessary upgrades and it should be ready to tackle some of the most challenging rally courses out there.

As we all know, like most of the world’s top carmakers, the Japanese company has set their goal to have 27 EV models by 2030. Judging by the announcement of the Concept 20-23, they’re taking their time and the results are nothing short of spectacular. If the rakish exterior was not enough, scissor doors amp up its style points.

What awaits you inside the cockpit is a yoke instead of a typical steering wheel. Images likewise hint at the extensive use of carbon fiber elements in combination with white fabric upholstery everywhere else. The bucket seats appear to be equipped with four-point harnesses, while LEDs line the edges of the headrests.

You’ll also notice the dashboard is designed as a cutout with textured surfaces. Given the absence of an instrument panel, the illuminated section further in might possibly function as a dynamic digital display. Nissan may not be as prolific when it comes to teasers, but the Concept 20-23 definitely leaves a lasting impression.

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Images courtesy of Nissan