As dog owners, commuting with your furry pal is often challenging unless they are identified as service animals. Hence, most choose to travel via personal mobility platforms or by private vehicle to avoid any issues. The latter is perhaps the best option, but manufacturers typically design cars for human passengers. However, the Genesis X Dog concept is a potential game-changer.

This awesome automotive accessory is developed from the ground up for the all-electric GV70. Lately, Hyundai’s luxury marque has made a splash in the sustainable motoring scene with its stunning selection of elegant sedans and striking supercar proposals. Meanwhile, the Genesis X Dog addresses a potentially profitable market.

To match the opulent interior of the GV70, this add-on is wrapped in quilted vegan leather. Just like the human occupants of the award-winning SUV, all pooches are treated to upscale creature comforts such as a heated cushion, an aluminum/carbon-fiber pull-out ramp, and a wireless Bluetooth audio setup.

For safety, the Genesis X Dog comes with a bespoke leather collar and safety harness. Should your pet need a bath, a built-in six-liter pressurized water tank and shower. An electric hairdryer is also within reach. This is all made possible by the vehicle-to-load (V2L) capabilities of the GV70.

Depending on how desensitized your canine companion is to the sound and movement of the vehicle, it may become restless or stressed. There are probably various factors at play for these types of responses. However, studies reportedly conducted by the University of Lincoln observed that dogs were more relaxed when they travel on EVs.

We all know that, unlike internal combustion engines, zero-emission powertrains generate lesser vibrations and are virtually silent. Therefore, the Genesis x Dog add-on is an added benefit for all those involved. Hyundai’s continuous push for innovation and out-of-the-box ideas are sure to keep the automotive industry on its toes.

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Images courtesy of Genesis