It has been a year since Polyphony Digital released Gran Turismo 7 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Sony’s first-party racing simulation has come a long way from a controversial reception due to its always-online requirement and other in-game woes. Now’s the best time to pick up a racing wheel and perhaps Playseat’s Trophy Logitech G Edition.

While there are a staggering number of racing game accessories available in the market, Playseat and Logitech are two of the big-name brands in the scene. The former supplies some of the best chairs with mounting modules, while the latter specializes in peripherals such as steering wheels and more.

To get the best driving experience, you’ll need what each has to offer. We understand everyone has their own favorite franchise, but Sony’s PlayStation VR2 just dropped. Based on the reviews so far, it currently makes Gran Turismo 7 the most immersive title out there.

The only thing missing would be a full motion rig. Meanwhile, Playseat’s Trophy Logitech G Edition is a cool option if the black and red versions are not your style. It is constructed out of anodized aluminum and carbon steel. It flaunts a gray colorway with electric blue elements for contrast.

Playseat notes that the “open cockpit design enables free body movement for optimal wheel and pedal performance. Backrest reclines separately with fully adjustable lumbar support. Seat can be softer or more firm depending on your preference.”

According to the manufacturer, its design comes from the input of esports athletes and real-life race car drivers. For comfort, it features a seat with ActiFit material for breathability. Your Trophy Logitech G Edition is compatible with a wide range of direct-drive steering wheels and pedals.

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Images courtesy of Playseat/Logitech