When you want the most immersive racing experience at home, we recommend grabbing a mid-range to high-end steering wheel. If by any chance you already have one on hand, then the next item on the list needs to be the Playseat Challenge X Logitech G Edition. It’s fully adjustable, ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to store after use.

We know some of you might be hardcore motorsports enthusiasts who demand the very best racing cockpit setup can buy. cost is not an issue, then there are plenty of options to choose from that will make your gameplay the closest it can get to the real thing. However, when you would rather save some cash, then this SKU is good enough for all intents and purposes.

The last time we shared a Logitech G Edition was the Playseat Trophy. However, it was as close to basic when it comes to versatility. The Playseat Challenge X, on the other hand, can accommodate an insane number of tweaks to cater to whatever the player needs to be as comfortable as possible. Its X-Adapt system offers six seating positions.

In fact, the manufacturer indicates the racing chair can accommodate gamers as short as 3.93 feet and as tall as 7.22 feet. Meanwhile, its durable construction and materials can support weights of up to 359 lbs. We have flow-forged aluminum, carbon steel, and reinforced plastic which strikes an ideal balance between strength and portability.

The Playseat Challenge X Logitech G Edition lines the front with Actifit Fabric and the rear with leatherette. This combination provides optimal breathability. We like the easy-access open cockpit mechanism which allows the tube that holds the steering wheel to swivel via a hinge to the side. This facilitates a quick entry and exit.

Overall, the design looks sleek and modern, while the tool-less assembly process is a nifty bonus. There are mounting brackets for the steering wheel, pedals, and shifter if your package includes one. Enjoy your racing titles to the fullest with the Playseat Challenge X Logitech G Edition.

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Images courtesy of Playseat/Logitech