An abundant and versatile material you often see in Asian architecture is the humble bamboo. Its construction characteristics have turned the wood into scaffolding, cladding, framework, and so much more. Once more, it becomes a huge part of the attraction at the Playa Viva as Atelier Nomadic builds several accommodations for the resort.

Aptly named the Bamboo Treehouse Village, there are six of these striking structures for guests to enjoy. If you’re eager to give it a go, book a stay with Playa Viva – an eco-friendly establishment in Juluchuca, Mexico. Likewise, now is the perfect time to head down south to avoid the cold as you escape to a tropical paradise.

The firm which calls Rotterdam, Netherlands home is turning to nature for this sustainable project. Taking into account the features of the property it stands on, they’re building these cottages for optimal comfort. As the name Bamboo Treehouse Village implies, the rooms stand on stilts and are accessible via stairs.

Those who are staying in the Playa Viva cottages get to enjoy a completely off-grid experience. The beachfront location means strong winds always keep the Bamboo Treehouse Village adequately ventilated. Louvers allow air to circulate within while sunlight keeps each room well-lit throughout the day. They are likewise sourcing everything locally and helping the community.

Since the plant grows rather quickly, it is a renewable option that Atelier Nomadic puts to good use here. “The holistic design was intended to align with the expected post COVID travelers’ desire to stay in exciting, healthy accommodation, immersed in the natural environment,” says the studio. Playa Viva should be in every eco-conscious nomad’s itinerary.

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Images courtesy of Playa Viva