Backyard barbecues do not necessarily entail the need for sophisticated and high-end grillers. If you have extra money to burn then you can definitely get yourself one, even those smart grillers. But you can also opt for the simple yet effective ones that guarantee delicious smoked or roasted food like the PKGO Camp and Tailgate Grilling System.

As its name entails, this is a portable grill that’s great for tailgating, camping, fishing, or any outdoor fun. But you can surely also set this up in your backyard. This version is basically an upgrade of the original cast aluminum griller with its elegant design and heavy, rust-proof construction. This one is dubbed as “small but mighty,” in a sense because it can feed a family of hungry workmen.

The PKGO Camp and Tailgate Grilling System boast a versatile makeshift comprising of two cooking units. One is the straightforward PKGO Hibachi, with its orange lid that comes in handy for grilling food that requires moderate heat for a longer duration like chicken and sausage. Other than the lid, there are two “Air intake doors” that swing open and shut to control airflow. This way you keep the fire going with air coming in and out.

But if you have a family of hungry mouths to feed, then you need to set up the PKGO with FLIPKIT. This can be split apart to give you two hibachi grills. It also gives you the convenience of having a 2-zone grill for when you need to cook food either via direct or indirect heat. This feature lets you avoid charred meat. The top cover even has a covered port to slide in a digital temperature probe.

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Images courtesy of PK Grills