When taking a group or solo photo, unless you have a tripod or selfie stick, it’s practically impossible to get your desired shot. You can choose to risk it and ask a stranger to take the shot. However, Snap Inc. offers a more creative solution. The Pixy is a versatile camera drone that joins Snapchat’s growing hardware portfolio.

Selfies are definitely not going away anytime soon. Still, the messaging app wants to give its users more flexibility when it comes to their photos and videos. The Pixy encourages creativity as the compact quadcopter can position itself anywhere you need it to be and snap away.

Its design is practical which sees all four transparent propellers safely enclosed within its yellow housing. The body is in the shape of a square with rounded corners. Its diminutive size makes it a handy imaging device that can somewhat fit in slightly larger pockets. A notch on one of its edges holds a front-facing camera.

Snap did not indicate the specifications as of this time, but we do know it is portrait only by default. The Pixy can track its subject to a certain degree, which is a function we did not expect to see here. Meanwhile, the underside features another camera which it uses to track your hand and land on it.

On top of the Pixy are a button and a silver dial knob with icons that correspond to different shooting modes. Pair it with your smartphone and use the companion app to control its actions. The removable battery holds enough charge for up to 5 flights. It’s too early to determine if this would be a hit, but it is already up for preorders if you’re already sold on the idea.

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Images courtesy of Snap Inc.