The PITAKA MagDock is your all-in-one wireless charger. As its name entails, it boosts up mobile devices and functions as a power bank.

This dock can charge three devices simultaneously and securely, Its anti-slip base made of reusable nano gel ensures your gadget stays in place regardless of any movement in its surrounding area. The dock stays firm and stable, thus preventing any unwanted drops.

It features an auto-align magnetic design that further ensures the stability of your devices. The charging pad of the PITAKA MagDock consists of magnets that help automatically align your gadgets into the charging area and secures them in place.

Likewise, the magnets make it possible for the dock to be used as a stand. Its twistable design allows you to adjust it for the best viewing angle, so while you’re charging your phone, you can watch movies or do a video call. Best of all, the embedded magnets do not interfere with the charging because the dock has a built-in magnetic field shielding.

The PITAKA MagDock is equipped with 7800mAH battery so it is also a portable power bank. A companion app alerts you if the device is low on battery or if it’s charging or not. It also updates you on the battery status of your devices.

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Photos Courtesy of PITAKA