There was a time when manufacturers of consumer electronics encouraged users to repair or replace parts when needed. Some products even included a detailed guide or PCB layout for reference. These days, it’s rare for devices to ship with a battery slot, but older ones still do. Gregory Grandé is currently crowdfunding the “world’s first smart battery” called the ElectronIQ SmartCell.

Developed with sustainability in mind, these batteries can reportedly retain their efficiency even after over 1,000 charging cycles. Conventional options noticeably degrade faster, which equates to a high cost over time as users have no choice but to purchase replacements. Furthermore, the ElectronIQ SmartCell supports advanced features.

According to its Indiegogo page, each unit packs cutting-edge technology not found in competing brands. You can track and remotely activate an integrated 104-decibel piezoelectric ringer to quickly locate whatever was misplaced. Meanwhile, wireless connectivity enables smart controls for any battery-powered gadget within range.

After installation, performance can be monitored in real-time as it generates detailed information such as the remaining charge and more. The ElectronIQ SmartCell is available in three sizes: AA, AAA, and 9V. The capacities listed are 2,400 mAh, 750 mAh, and 1,300 mAh, respectively.

In an emergency, the built-in USB-C port allows you to charge any device with a maximum output of 25W. Nevertheless, we recommend that you always keep a dedicated power bank or power station handy. Overall, we believe it delivers an all-in-one solution for smart power management, tracking, and other cool functions.

“ElectronIQ SmartCells aren’t just another tech gadget — they’re a game-changer in how we interact with everyday devices. By supporting this campaign, you’re not only backing a product, but also investing in a future where even dumb technology integrates seamlessly,” reads the press release.

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Images courtesy of ElectronIQ