Nestled among pine trees on a seashore in southern Finland, the Dogs & Doctor’s House by Pirinen & Salo hides a beautiful secret. Looking at it from the street side view, it looks like three separate volumes. But the house completely opens to the sea and the surrounding wooded terrain from the other side. 

The property’s exterior alone is already a sight to behold. Its color complements the natural topography with its charred wood volumes and light-green pitched roofs. It is totally devoid of windows from the street view with the part of the house standing out is the garage. Even its main door is barely identifiable as it stands hidden in a corner between the two slightly larger volumes.

However, the opposite side of the Dogs & Doctor’s House gives a different scenery. It boasts glazed panels, large sliding glass doors, and terraced steps for wide, uninterrupted views of the beautiful topography. Every room has windows that look out into the sea or the Swan Beach as the locals call it.

Meanwhile, the Dogs & Doctor’s House adopts a unique interior design. The architects said the “scale of the room and its fixed furniture give a subtle shrinking feeling, the space grows, the view gets closer, it’s as if you would be under a nature’s microscope.” It hosts a master bedroom accessible via a split-level staircase found in the living room. Beneath the master bedroom is the dressing room and a cement cave that houses the main bath and a sauna. This is a residential property named as such because the homeowners are doctors who own a few dogs.   

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Images courtesy of Pirinen & Salo