If you’re the type who prefers to bring cards as opposed to cash, then the Pioneer Matter Bifold is for you. It’s made tough yet lightweight and spacious so you can pack all your cards (even a few bills) in one elegant carry that’s slimmer than a traditional bifold.

This wallet is the “perfect hybrid of slim and high-capacity. A step up from a card holder while more compact than a full billfold.” It measures 164 mm W x 98 mm H x 3 mm D when opened and 80mm W when closed. Despite its compact size, it can hold max of 12 cards and folded bills. Two of the inward facing slots or the inner pockets are great for less used cards and folded cash. 

The Pioneer Matter Bifold can withstand anything thrown its way while remaining refined. It is waterproof, has RFID protection to prevent data theft, and equipped with technical super fabric so it can last a lifetime. 

In terms of construction, there are three proprietary materials to choose from: 10XD, 3XD, and Baby Ballistic. 10XD is a super fabric that is 10x stronger than steel blended into a nylon ripstop. It’s an ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene that is Pioneer’s premium technical offering. It features a smooth DWR dense and tactile finish that repels dirt, sweat, and water while being washable to keep the wallet looking new for years.  

Meanwhile, high stress areas come with reinforced stitching and in bar tack stitch clusters for endurance. This eliminates seams which are prone to bursting. The Pioneer Matter Bifold is designed to break in but never break down thanks to the brand’s FutureForm technology that gives the wallet its pliable core and a leather-like hand feel.

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Images courtesy of Pioneer