For outdoor lovers, a water bottle and a sturdy drinking cup are both essential items of camping gear. Now, you can ditch them both as you make space for the Pint Canteen ($26).

Created by industrial designer (and nature aficionado) Matty Martin, the Pint is an ingenious 16 oz bottle that turns into a cup by unscrewing its base and attaching it to the lid. On the inside there are 2 insulating stainless steel walls, making sure your beer stays chilled and your coffee steaming-hot for hours, while the exterior is constructed of durable BPA-free plastic, in gray granite or carbon black. The Pint’s removable base also allows for easy cleaning – a major advantage when you’re in the wilderness. It’s such a great idea with a simple and cool design, making us wonder why no one ever though about it before. Details in the video

Pint Canteen 6

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