You can be the most physically capable athlete when it comes to cycling, but if the equipment is not optimal, it can lead to a loss. Hence, the world’s biggest manufacturers constantly experiment with designs and materials to come up with a winning formula. Pinarello comes up with a new model it calls the BOLIDE F HR 3D to lead the pack.

Right out of the gate, the company makes a bold claim. They say the latest platform “is the first and fastest high-performance 3D printed bike ever built.” In fact, they’re engineering everything to help Filippo Ganna with his hour record attempt. The BOLIDE F HR 3D saw action over the weekend with remarkable results.

To prove just how innovative this new bike is, the cyclist covered “56.792 km in 60 minutes at the Tissot Velodrome in Grenchen, Switzerland,” as per the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). As with any flagship model, the concept was to develop a two-wheeler that boasts outstanding strength and stiffness with enhanced aerodynamics.

Among the innovations Pinarello points out are the custom 3d printed frame, airstream technology, and airfoil section. The material in use on the BOLIDE F HR 3D is a high-strength Scandium/Aluminum/Magnesium alloy they call Scalmalloy. Next, they are addressing the drag from the seat tube and seat post by adding aerodynamic ridges.

Finally, the wheel and bottom bracket are narrower than normal. “Working closely with Filippo Ganna and the INEOS Grenadier’s team to develop this revolutionary product is part of the Pinarello company DNA,” notes the manufacturer about the BOLIDE F HR 3D.

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Images courtesy of Pinarello