The pandemic has forced office workers into their homes doing work-from-home jobs. While this is an ideal setup for those who dread staring into walls all day, it can also be challenging, technical-wise. You have to invest in a good camera, speaker, and desktop or laptop to make things professional. The Pictar Work-from-Home Kit makes it easier to set up your home office using three items.

This kit includes the 18mm wide-angle lens, the smart light, and the Splat 3 in 1 tripod. The lens clicks easily onto your phone or laptop screen and prevents the “big nose syndrome.” It provides160-degree angle coverage which translates to proportionate images and multiple screen titles and animations.

Meanwhile, the smart light in the Pictar Work-from-Home Kit turns your office into a photo studio. It turns your office into a “studio-quality, live streaming video-conferencing machine.” It gives clarity and bright light, but not too bright as to be painful to the eyes.

Finally, tripods are important if you want to take hands-free photos or videos. They lessen the chances of blurred images from shaky hands. The Pictar Splat 3 in 1 tripod is amazingly flexible and easy to use. It has five legs that provide more support than you need to hold a phone or camera on any surface. Its silicone covering means it can handle water exposure and is easy to clean.

The Pictar Work-from-Home Kit is good for office workers and students who want to maintain an “air of professionalism” during video meetings or classes. It keeps you looking professional even though you are dressed in your pajamas.

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Images courtesy of Pictar