PicoBrew has already made small-batch home brewing easy and accessible to almost anyone with their Model S brewing machine. Now they have improved on that success with their new Pico Model C Home Brew Machine ($330). Not only is the new Model C capable of producing 5 liters of fresh beer, they have partnered with professional brewers from around the world to make it possible to recreate some of the most popular craft beers in existence with special PicoPacks of ingredients and the push of a few buttons to get the process started.

But PicoBrew isn’t content just letting you make your own small-batch craft beer at home. They have also come up with the PicoStill ($170) as an attachment to the Pico Model C brewing machine so you can distil oils and spirits with the same ease and security. The PicoStill incorporates a copper distilling coil and clear glass infusion chamber that fits over the Pico C Keg for correct and controlled temperature. The PicoStill even includes a methanol collection chamber to remove toxic material from the resultant distillate. Use it for making hop water, essential oils or spirits (a license might be required, depending on where you live). Details in the video.