Most of the motor yachts you see these days tout modern aesthetics. Thankfully, we also have shipyards that cater to clients who prefer their vessels with classic designs. The Italian Sea Group announces a series of models under the Picchiotti name due to launch in the coming years. The company describes the upcoming fleet as “Gentleman” yachts.

The ships under the revived banner will range between 78 feet to 180 feet in length. To help them revive the signature look is designer Luca Dini of LUCA DINI Design & Architecture fame. According to insiders, 1960s American yachts are the source of inspiration for the new “Gentleman” series.

We can’t wait how they combine modern technology with a vintage profile. “This new line, clearly inspired by the golden age of post-war yachting, immediately conquered me because it recalls historical models such as the Giglio Series or the Mistral Series by Picchiotti,” notes the CEO and founder of The Italian Sea Group Giovanni Costantino.

Meanwhile, Dini states, “it is a project dedicated to those owners who want to stand out but are also well acquainted with tradition and the concept of gentleman yachts.” Other notable silhouettes under the Picchiotti marque are the 338-foot Al Said and 239-foot Grace E.

We can look forward to the use of aluminum construction. Moreover, the hulls of the new Picchiotti fleet will focus on optimal efficiency. Clients can outfit their vessels with hybrid or fully electric propulsion systems. The shipbuilder already has 15 units in production and plans to deliver its first example in 2024. Let’s hope the “Gentleman” yachts will live up to the dapper distinction.

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Images courtesy of The Italian Sea Group