Mobile gaming has been on a steady surge over the years. In fact, some manufacturers have even branched out into specialty segments that cater to consumers who demand extreme performance from their hardware. In parallel, accessories like active cooling solutions and gamepads are constantly innovating as well. A designer presents a concept called PhoCo and we think it’s a great peripheral.

The larger screens on our devices and thinner bezels now allow developers to adopt various touch interface configurations. In lieu of the traditional gamepad’s buttons and analog stick, everything is superimposed on the display within reach of our fingers. Nevertheless, there are titles that just play better with a controller.

Aryan Vijay envisions an accessory with a modest physical footprint but packs unique features and capabilities. The PhoCo competes directly against products from Moga, 8BitDo, Razer, Sony, SteelSeries, and Backbone, to name a few. The unit touts an ergonomic grip, a folding clip to hold your smartphone, shoulder triggers, joysticks, a touch keyboard, and a touchpad.

There is nothing that indicates the need for a wired connection, which suggests Bluetooth connectivity support. The basic function seems straightforward enough, but the versatility comes from the detachable magnetic layer. This PhoCo module adds a D-pad, four face buttons, and three additional buttons. We’re guessing these are customizable depending on the game.

With so many first-person shooters, RPGs, and action games receiving mobile ports, portable gamepads are a must-have for a tactile advantage. The PhoCo’s idea is a fascinating one that might make its way into production in the future. We hope Vijay patents this technology and license it to big-name companies.

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Images courtesy of Aryan Vijay