When it comes to shaving, there are those who are still divided on which method is the best. Purists and conventional-minded people would often push for the straight razor or the safety razor as the only way. Meanwhile, those who prefer to embrace innovation and probably love to travel a lot would thank the heavens for the electric shaver—as well as the convenience it offers on-the-go. Philips is a name that’s synonymous with advanced and optimized grooming tech for men. Its latest product, the Philips S9000 Prestige promises the “closest one yet,” and we’re here to find out how.

This is apparently possible since the electric shaver uses its Nanotech precision blades. Moreover, to ensure that each pass doesn’t really hit a snag, the device’s rings are reportedly coated with a special anti-friction coating. Surprisingly, Philip’s cutting-edge features do not stop there. It might sound like futuristic mumbo-jumbo but the brand flaunts what it calls an integrated BeardAdapt Sensor. This system apparently detects the follicle density of your stubble and adjusts the shaver accordingly.

Other features listed include a skin comfort system, multi-directional ContourDetect heads, a SmartClick precision trimmer, and three power modes to choose from. As an added bonus, the set already includes a Qi wireless charging pad for cord-free charging. Now that’s exactly what makes the Philips Shaver S9000 Prestige earn its “Prestige” label.

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Photos courtesy of Philips

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